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Pentaho - an Open source BI tool!

“80 percent of your revenue comes from your 20 percent customer” - Pareto principle How can you find out your most profitable alliances, if you are not able to get anything meaningful from your database? As businesses increase their reliance on enterprise systems, they are rapidly accumulating vast amounts of data. Every interaction between departments or with the outside world, historical information on past transactions, as well as external market information, are entered into information systems for future use and access. With all this data available, it’s surprising how difficult it is for managers to get a clear picture of fundamental business information, such as inventory levels, orders in the pipeline, or client history. Business intelligence refers to the use of technology to collect and effectively use information to improve business effectiveness. We provide an easy interface Business intelligence solution which does not need any vast technical skills to generate the reports and analysis as well. PenguinCRM offers a combination of data mining tool, open source OLAP (for quickly answer to multi dimensional analytic query) and management reporting, which gives a 360® view of your huge data. We provide the enhancement and customization on Pentaho BI which is the leader in open source business intelligence tools.

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