Customer Relationship Management - A must to have for any organization for whom adding customers is about growing business!

“CRM is adopting customer - centric business strategies, implementing these strategies by changing how customers do business and how people do work and then enabling new strategies, new customer interactions and new workflow by providing appropriate technology support” We all are aware that the time has changed and the market is now becoming customer - centric. Now customers are more educated and thus more demanding too. Your business needs ears so that it can listen to the customer responses and can make the strategies to serve them better. This is a complex preposition to keep eye and ears on every customer and thus technology comes to help you out. So in the modern world “CRM is a profitable blend of technology (CRM software) and human being for searching as well as interacting with prospects(through marketing campaigns and lead management), developing relationship with the prospects, understanding the needs(contact management) and serving them better for retaining the customers by increasing cross and up selling”. Entire CRM process can be divided into three major phases: Pre sales, Sales, Post sales

In all these three phases the approach towards prospect or customer is usually uneven and very much phase specific.

  • Presales (Marketing software): Generally known as Email marketing software l marketing automation software l Internet marketing software l Bulk mail software etc. (see more)
  • Sales (sales force automation): It is the main body of the CRM applications. It starts from leads, which is generated by various presales activities. This application is commonly known as Sales management software l sales force management l lead management software. (see more)
  • Post sales (Help desk software): Software which facilitate in achieving customer satisfaction are commonly known as customer service software l ticketing system software l customer support software, etc. (see more)
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