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Sales Force Automation (SFA) specialist in India!

The most powerful and valuable asset for any business is its Sales force. Generally sales people are the first who face the prospects. People who are directly dealing with the prospects, needs to be equipped with all the relevant information and at the same time senior management should have the deep insight to the everyday sales activity. Penguin CRM SFA provides you the flexibility of getting very customizable software which can be mapped with your specific sales process and provided an easy interface for the end users. We use proven CRM frameworks like SugarCRM, MS Dynamics CRM, suiteCRM, etc. which also makes these applications very reliable at the same time; as this application is being used by a plenty of nearly size of organization. It also provides you attractive and accurate sales dashboards which provide quick look at your sales team and makes the projections “a minute” work. Few of the eminent features are mentioned below Features for end users: Perfect lead capturing facility in lead module. Flexible import options- from excel sheets/ other legacy CRM/ manually. Directly get the leads through your portals Fully functional activity management to capture even minute activities like task, meeting, call etc. Efficient Sales Contact Management module. Efficient account management. Keep your opportunities updated through our matured opportunity management module. Keep every client interactions at one place. Categorize each of your potential in terms of opportunity Many workflows Features for higher management Matured and attractive Dashboards for giving an overall visibility of the sales team Sales forecasting On demand reports for every vital activity Role based Hierarchy management Can be integrated with the BI tool very easily to provide even complex analytics Effective escalation management to resolve any issue or irregularity within time

SFA software is also known as: Sales management software || Lead management software || Sales contact software

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