small business

We believe that the need of Small and medium enterprises is not very similar to the large size complex organizations. The penetration of SMEs is more than that of big enterprises and thus getting empowered with a well managed information system is very critical for them. We understand the specific requirements and offer a CRM with vary easy interface to minimize the initial rejection of the end users of your organization. We customize Sugar CRM which is the best breed of open source CRM to fit with your exact need of CRM. Penguinians offer a complete suite of small business CRM based on Sugar CRM architecture which includes nearly every aspect of a CRM:

    • Fully web based CRM
    • Bulk mailing application
    • Lead management
    • Contact management
    • Elementary document management
    • Activity(mail scheduling, call scheduling, meeting scheduling etc.) management
    • Opportunity and account management
    • Team management and role management
    • Elementary case management
    • Dashboards for getting better projections about projects in pipeline, source wise lead, monthly opportunity etc.
    • And many more……..


Increased revenues

      • - Improve business benefits
      • - Attract new customers
      • - Up– sell and cross sell

Decreased cost

      • - Automate task
      • - Improve Campaign Efficiency
      • - Improve forecast efficiency and Timelines


    • - Increase customer satisfaction
    • - Improve product and pricing model
    • - Increase knowledge retention and implementation
    • - Differentiate yourself in marketplace
    • - Increase the understanding of your customers
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