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CRM looks like a simple abbreviation of Customer Relationship Management. But if you are really taking it as cutting edge strategy, which can increase your revenues, then it is better to get a CRM technology which takes care of your complete customer interaction management rather than just a part of it. The time when you are prepared to invest in a technology CRM, which can dramatically enhance your profitability, then it is recommended to evaluate a CRM application on all of the following criteria.

Core CRM features

  • Presales management: Get a software application which can provide you a complete presales management package. People often call it a “Marketing Software” which works as email campaign management system in addition of mail merge. In today’s world it is also required to be connected with social communities thus consider this also in your presales package.
  • Sales Management Software: Where presales generates leads for you sales is actually concentrated towards winning the opportunity and generating more revenues for you. So, it can be considered as the most critical part of the profit center in any organization. It serves on various aspects like lead management | contact management | account and activity management | opportunity management etc. Sales process is usually very complex and varies from company to company thus select a CRM which can adapt with your own sales process rather than changing your business flow. Remember user compliance is the biggest hurdle for CRM implementation and you need to be very particular on getting a user friendly application.
  • Post sales management software: Retaining your customer is less expensive more profitable than winning a new customer. Choose a CRM which first helps in listen to your customer better. It should be capable enough to manage the enquiries against individual customer.

Integration with all possible Touch points

The exact point, where the customer interacts with the organization, is known as the touch point. All possible touch points should be integrated with your CRM application so that you can get the ground details related to any customer.

  • Manual entry: Your CRM application should be very user friendly where the customer executives don’t have any problem in entering and getting details of the customer at the time of visiting your customer care center.
  • Integration with email: Customers often send emails to enquire about your offering or to complain. You need an application which can keep these mails against particular leads or customers.
  • Integration with telephonic system: The quickest way of making enquiries about your products/services and logging complain is via making calls. To get a complete picture of customer’s query or complain while talking over phone, it is very important to integrate the calling system with your CRM. It helps you in winning a new customer exactly over phone.
  • Integrate it with your portal/website: Company’s website is the first place where prospects lands with their initial queries thus integration of the CRM with the website should be an essential feature.

Should have required workflows

Workflows are the key for automations. If the CRM provides you the adequate workflows defined by your organization then it would certainly end up by standardizing your business process end to end.


  • Auto lead assignment: Whenever a lead comes from North America assign it to Joseph,
  • Escalation management: If the service executive does not update the ticket within 2 days – escalate it to level 2 managers.
  • Territory management: If the query arises from south Eastern Asia assign it to Chris.
  • Notifications: Whenever a task is assigned to sales officers send the notification over email

Report and intelligence

CRM is a process based application which is made for serving live business requirement. You cannot imagine it without reports and dashboards to get the better insight to your business. Particularly a drill down feature in the dashboard makes it a fun to analyze your business movement.

If you are dealing with a large chunk of data then it is very tough to get the complete visibility of the business process with the help of simple reports and dashboards. It would be excellent if you can get it integrated with a flexible business tool to get the intelligent answers of your intelligent queries. Business intelligence tool provides the power of what if analysis which ultimately ends up with the better projections and valuable management decisions.

Remember: Getting an entire CRM suit may not be the good way of implementing this ambitious application but phase wise implementation will really do wonders!!

26 Mar 2010

Components of CRM

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Whenever you are planning or thinking of CRM implementation at your organization, the first question you should ask form yourself – Why you need a CRM? And the answer should be an outcome of a deep analysis by including the key people from all the related departments.

While finding out the answer you need to work on following factors:

  • What is your goal of CRM implementation?
  • What are your organization’s problem areas?
  • How much monetary loss your organization is incurring due to related problem areas?
  • How much opportunities you are losing due to your inefficient CRM       process?
  • Analyze technical capabilities of possible end users for new CRM               application?
  • What are the primary features you feel that is must in your CRM               application to overcome the existing losses?
  • How quick you need the CRM implementation at your organization?
  • Is there any scope of gradual implementation of CRM or the complete   implementation is required in one go?
  • Is your organization in the situation of adapting itself with the new           technology very much or you need a more adaptable application?

Once you have analyzed these primary Questions; Start sharing these inputs with your expected CRM vendors and let them come up with a better solution for you.

“All best for your CRM initiative”

PenguinCRM team


In today’s competitive world any organization, coming from any industry, need some more effective market differentiators above than price and quality. Now the market is nowhere seller’s market and nearly every customer is in the habit of comparing the offering in any segment. CRM is one of the well known and globally accepted market differentiator, which helps in understanding these behavioral changes in customers/prospects and standardizes the complete customer interaction, in and out, at the same time.

PenguinCRM, a Hyderabad (India) based SugarCRM consulting company, has taken initiative and partnering with organizations in India, Singapore, Malaysia and other developing markets, to perform cost effective CRM implementations in an intelligent way to achieve faster ROI. PenguinCRM is a group of senior CRM consultants who has worked with different industries and has vast understanding of different business flows.

SugarCRM is a leading open source CRM product which has become buzz word as a CRM for SMEs all over the world. Being a open source application and developed on PHP, It allows the customization up to very high extent to fit with the specific needs of any industry. PenguinCRM has realized the demand in the industry and gathered SugarCRM experts from all over India. It has indulged its senior consultants in enhancement of SugarCRM and simultaneously providing its CRM consulting to global and domestic organizations.

This article was written by Chandan Kumar who is one of the directors in PenguinCRM Pvt. Ltd.


We welcome you at PenguinCRM research desk. PenguinCRM has identified many industries with premature technology approach. We have senior consultants with live experience in various industries who are taking charge of their respective industries to get in depth understanding of the same. All the research outcomes will be well documented and will go through primary and secondary research.

Please keep visiting us frequently to get updates regarding our latest research.

13 Mar 2010

Welcome to PenguinCRM research desk !!

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In order to achieve long term benefit of CRM, there has to be a Vision in the organization. In order to realize that vision all part of the CRM strategy should be focussed in the same direction and work in synch to achieve that vision. All divisions of the organization must move in the same direction. Without any clear direction none of the individuals in the origanization will understand that where they have to go and what are their responsibilities.

11 Mar 2010

CRM – Always see at your long term strategy

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Welcome to Penguin CRM  blog . See, share  and discuss your thoughts.

We invite all of you for liability free CRM and Joomla consulting.

11 Mar 2010

Welcome to PenguinCRM

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