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Open source software is becoming very popular among SMEs across the world. Small and medium enterprises, which were never able to afford high end software, are now looking at leading open source enterprise solutions to keep up the pace with the changing industry dynamics and fluctuating economy. Based on our existing experiences it was also evident that adding to SMEs even big organizations in developing countries are also looking at open source CRM and ERPs as a well suited substitute of highly expensive proprietary software like MS Dynamics, SAP etc.

After serving many organizations from different industry across the globe, PenguinCRM has identified gaps between the needs and availability of leading Open source enterprise CRM solutions like SugarCRM and VTiger. As per our analysis the major barrier in adapting with the open source technologies is that in many of the cases it is not completely integrated and needs high level of customization for the purpose, which ultimately leads to slower ROI.

As per the recent updates PenguinCRM has taken a leap forward and will be announcing many integrations of SugarCRM CE (free edition) with various cloud hosted professional applications popular for accounting, online campaigns, other ERPs, POS, eCommerce, payment management, and many Google apps which should certainly reduce the usability gap. Most of the releases of Penguinians can be seen on First on this line would be integration between SugarCRM CE and Mailchimp (mailchimp is a cloud based bulk email campaign system) which will be followed by many more in coming years.