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As we all are familiar that clinical research in India is booming, advancing and rendering its service to the mankind by providing safety, efficacy and quality of the pharmaceutical products being supported, monitored and guided by authorities like DCGI,FDA and other regulatory bodies. Over the last ten years of its emergence, the clinical research industry has been struggling to take the shape of a well established, structured, organized and reputable device in the society.

For the better and best results, usually any practice should be standardized and benchmarked. Taking this into consideration, our penguin CRM research desk has put forward its efforts with dedication and determination to benchmark and standardize the clinical research practices supported by the collection of inputs and details of the practices and contributions by the professionals of clinical research industry.

Our penguin CRM research desk, with all its potential provided by the expert team, has determined to serve, improvise and enhance the clinical research practices by its research oriented approach to pave the way of clinical research towards Excellence and sophistication with new changing dimensions in the practices with standardized approach by our best and advanced research methodologies.

10 Apr 2010

clinical trial survey

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We welcome you at PenguinCRM research desk. PenguinCRM has identified many industries with premature technology approach. We have senior consultants with live experience in various industries who are taking charge of their respective industries to get in depth understanding of the same. All the research outcomes will be well documented and will go through primary and secondary research.

Please keep visiting us frequently to get updates regarding our latest research.

13 Mar 2010

Welcome to PenguinCRM research desk !!

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Welcome to Penguin CRM  blog . See, share  and discuss your thoughts.

We invite all of you for liability free CRM and Joomla consulting.

11 Mar 2010

Welcome to PenguinCRM

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