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18 May 2012

Beginners guide for early stage CRM users

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11 Mar 2011

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Enterprise software applications are now defining new heights for Six sigma. As we all are aware that Six Sigma is defining any process in a certain manner so that it can lead to financial and non financial benefits yet with quality result. Where Sigma Sigma defines the process, enterprise software solutions standardize the process and quantify the entire process which can be further used to define six sigma.

Earlier these enterprise applications were considered to be very bulky and expensive. They were often implemented by big and complex organizations only. But now after introduction of Open source applications even SMEs have realized it as an inevitable need for standardizing the business process. It not only standardizes the processes but also cut the cost dramatically. Taking an example of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) needs in any organization, in real scenario any medium size organization normally interacts with hundreds of client in a day. These interactions are done by the customer executives. Now, for higher management it is nearly impossible to track each and every interaction. It is also not possible to find out whether the set standards are being practiced or not. Enterprise applications like CRM help these organizations to keep all the related data in central CRM database and allow the users to execute it whenever required which ultimately leads to more customer satisfaction and better sales management. It helps in quantifying the entire pre sales, sales and post sales process and provides better sales projections.

If we put our eyes deep inside the root values of Enterprise applications and Six Sigma, we can easily identify the areas where both complement each other, like:

a)      Six sigma is the statistical modeling of business process; enterprise applications like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP provide the statistical basis for the modeling.

b)      To carry out Six Sigma projects organizations has to follow a defined sequence of steps; enterprise applications can very much help in defining the exactly same sequence of steps throughout the process.

c)      One of the most important objectives of Six Sigma is to make decision on the basis of variable data, rather than assumption and guesswork; Enterprise / business applications help the higher management in getting the live data of the related process in more executable way.

So we can see that Enterprise applications, which are often called as Business applications, help an organization to practice Six Sigma effectively. Some well know business applications are CRM, ERP, Inventory management, Project management, Content management applications, Document Management System etc. Out of which, open source CRM like SugarCRM together with Open source CMS like Joomla, Drupal has proven its successful global presence. These open source applications are unlike proprietary applications and adaptable with any type of business environment. Being an Open source these are inexpensive and reach at their ROI very quickly. But, while choosing a proper business application at any organization, the objective should be fixed for achieving six sigma.


When recession seems to be over, many companies are now thinking of rearranging their resources and business with the help of technology.

Companies which are dealing with a plenty of customers every day, appreciating the contribution of enterprise applications like CRM. Based on the consistent innovative CRM implementation track record and in depth understanding in CRM domain PenguinCRM has bagged couple of giant turnkey projects from developing countries like India, Singapore, Malaysia etc. As many of them are annual contract based projects Penguinians are ambitious about providing unbiased enterprise consulting to these clients.

PenguinCRM suggests SugarCRM as one of the most known enterprise application which can adapt easily with any kind of complex as well as simple organizational structure. SugarCRM is basically meant for Customer Relationship Management requirements in organizations but if customized wisely it can be extended to the ERP based requirements too. It is possible due its Open Source nature where it gives the freedom to customize up to n – level and use the entire application as a framework for making more complex enterprise applications.

Out of company’s many wins PenguinCRM mentioned a reputed client from India named Infodrive India. It claims to be the first company in India which provides online data of Export and import. It holds a very much data intensive business flow and needs to be standardized and automated with the help of Enterprise application like SugarCRM.

Looking at the growth opportunity, IT consulting companies from Malaysia, South Africa and India are showing interest in partnering with PenguinCRM as an implementation partner for their clients. PenguinCRM is wisely selecting these partners to extend its reach across the world.

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PenguinCRM is a Hyderabad based SugarCRM consulting company which provides wide range of Open source CRM related services including SugarCRM – installation, hosting, customization, module development, plug-ins, Joomla integration, Asterisk integration, Magento integration, workflows and other custom web based application development. Earlier PenguinCRM was an offshore development center for US based CRM consultants but after getting a vast experience in SugarCRM and other open source product consulting it has now successfully evolved as an innovative CRM consulting company in India.